Reiki Workshop’s

All Reiki class materials will be provided from International Center of Reiki Training.

Holy Fire Reiki Workshops
Usui Reiki I & II  $410, 175.00 deposit  CH students review $150
Art/Masters $975,  275.00 deposit CH students review $350 3 consecutive days, 9AM-630PM September 28-29-30  
Karuna Reiki®, $975, CH student retakes $350   275.00 deposit, Febuary 2019

Usui / Holy Fire II, Reiki I & II Workshop 2018 
9am-630pm      August 19 & 20 Sunday/Monday

                                                                                            September 22 & 23 Saturday/Sunday

                                                                                    October 1 & 2  Monday/Tuesday

                                                                                         October 24 & 25 Wednesday/Thursday

                                                                                      October 27 & 28 Saturday/Sunday

                                                                                         November 10 & 11 Saturday/Sunday

                                                                                           December 15 & 16 Saturday/Sunday

                                                                                                  Information & Registration 

Usui Holy Fire II, Reiki I, Kids Reiki Workshop                                                             Information & Registration 


Reiki Workshops 2018


Usui Holy Fire Reiki I & II                                                Holy Fire Art/Masters

August 19 & 20 Sunday/Monday                               September 28-29-30 Fri/Sat/Sun              September 22 & 23 Saturday/Sunday                       November 30,   Dec 1-2  Fri/Sat/Sun       

October 1 & 2 Monday/Tuesday                                            Carolyn Musial & Kathy

October 24 & 25 Wednesday/Thursday

October 27 & 28 Saturday/Sunday

November 10 & 11 Saturday/Sunday

December 15 & 16 Saturday/Sunday


Reiki Workshops 2019:

Become a Professional Member with the International Center Reiki Training (ICRT)  within  five days packages in Febuary, March, April & May. Prerequisite: You must have had 6 months with your Reiki art/Master certificate of any lineage

Usui Holy Fire Reiki I & II                                     Holy Fire Art/Masters

January 26&27 Sat/Sun

February 14&15 Thurs/Fri                                   February 16-17-18   Sat/Sun/Mon

March 29&30 Fri/Sat                                            March 31,April 1&2  Sun/Mon/Tues

April 25&26 Wed/Thurs                                       April 27-28-29      Fri/Sat/Sun

May 22&23 Wednesday/Thursday                      May 24-25-26      Fri/Sat/Sun


Holy Fire II, Karuna

January 18-19-20  Fri/Sat/Sun

February 22-23-24  Fri/Sat/Sun

April 5-6-7 Fri/Sat/Sun




A Look into our Workshops

Holy Fire II Reiki Art /Masters Certification Workshop Cost $975..00, This is a 3 day intensive workshop.  Lunch, snacks, & Materials provided The ART/Master training, Advanced Reiki Training book.You will be given a Master symbol, placements, Holy Fire Meditations,  and Holy Fire ignitions

To qualify to take this class a student must produce a Reiki II certificate from any linage, & practiced Reiki II for at least 6 months ,The student must be able to draw & spell the 3 symbols from Reiki II from memory. See Details of the class

Holy Fire Karuna Reiki®Certification Workshop

Cost $975.00,Lunch, snacks, & Materials provided You will become a Karuna Teacher/Practitioner This is a three day class. To qualify you must had Reiki Master training, providing a certificate for 6 months. This must be placed with the ICRT center to get a register Karuna Certification. It is complete with two levels, two placements, four master symbols and eight treatment symbols.

A Peek in our Classroom

“I felt very confident at the end of class!” KM, Masters Class
“Loved the crystal grid work in the Master class.Practice, interaction, & feedback was excellent, & loved the extra added Reiki sessions after class”, LT
“The opportunity to practice hands on, & ask questions was excellent”, SB

Internship Programs You must have Reiki I & II/ Art/Masters certifications from Kathy Milanowski to qualify for this program. This program is designed to empower the practitioners to enhance their teaching abilities..  Please ask about details 

Kids Reiki Workshop: Ages .. up to the parent 1

Reiki I: Ages are depends on the child, typically 4-13    Summer 2018
Reiki II; prerequisites: Reiki I with Kathy  Summer 2018
Lunch, snacks, & Materials provided
Price: $50.00 non-refundable per child      $20.00 per parent/guardian ( if guardian wishes to join the ceremony &  be connected with the Reiki energy)
entire family price: $100.00

Interested in a teen Reiki workshop please speak to Kathy for details