Wellness Studio


Community with Compassion

Our Mission,

Our mission is to empower you with tools to help you along your spiritual journey. Our sacred space is designed to give you the opportunity to refresh, regenerate, and heal yourself. Our door is always open for individuals to discover and share these ideals as they connect with each other.


Our August Events

  • Clinic Hours are below, Akashic Reading &/or Healing treatments.
  • Special times for full treatment scheduling, please contact Kathy for details.


Monday Nights Meditation: August 8th & 22th

Clinic Hours: Thursday & Saturday:  6th ,11th & 25th 
You choose: 20 minutes or 45 minutes
Holy Fire Reiki, combined with Holographic Sound or/and Akashic Record Readings.


25 AUG Masters Circle, 5pm prior to Reiki Share

25 AUG Reiki Share, 7pm


Visit Our Shop 

Under one roof there is an array of gifts for your magical, holistic & health needs plus a center for spiritual growth. We are a cheerful, loving, compassionate bunch that enjoys & embraces our connection process with ourselves & creation. No matter what our paths are, we are all learning to cherish our own temple and we invite you to join us.

  • Metaphysical items
  • Bulk Teas, Spices, & Herbs
  • Incense & Supplies
  • Gemstones, Rocks, Crystals, & Minerals
  • Scarves, Head-Ware & Accessory’s
  • Jewelry, Art, & More


Mini or Full Sessions with Kathy, 20 minutes- $25.00   1 hour $75.00 

Every Thursday 10am-6pm & Select Saturdays 9-2pm (date excludes any special events)

Choose Either…

  • a Treatment/Session:  a deep healing experience with the Holy Fire Reiki source, Sound, and Crystals. Get off the table, refreshed, revived, and refueled.
  • Akashic Records Readings: Prepare about 3 questions for Kathy
      • Answer your questions for the future, past, and present
      • Deep healing experience to take with you
      • Open Records of your Past
      • Open Records of your pet, business, real estate, your home, & any connection you have with another.